[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Donetsk

Donetsk is one of the large industrial cities in eastern Ukraine. Donetsk is the center of Donetsk Oblast and has many administrative organizations. Since 2014, much of the city is out of the Ukrainian government's jurisdiction, controlled by Russian militants and not very safe. On the other hand, there are many tourist attractions, and various sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball, boxing, tennis, and track and field are popular.

[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Kherson

Kherson in southern Ukraine is also the center of the Kherson Oblast. Kherson is a city occupied by Russia's invasion of Ukraine beginning in 2022, but its proximity to the Crimean peninsula has led to numerous previous wars. In the past, it was the territory of the Hunnic Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Russian Empire, the Russian Red Army, the White Army, and even Nazi Germany.

[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Lviv

Lviv is a major city in western Ukraine. The historic center of Lviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has some unusual churches. Due to its western location, Lviv is known as a destination for tourists from Poland, Romania and elsewhere. Surprisingly, there are not many tourists in the city, so you won't get tired of the crowds, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Dnipro

Dnipro is the 4th largest city in Ukraine and also known as an industrial city. It is an industrial city with a population of about 1 million and, along with Donetsk, is one of the leading industrial centers in Ukraine. The military industry is developing in this area, and the energy industry is also developing. Being a very developing city, there are so many attractions here.

[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Odesa

Odessa is Ukraine's third largest city. It was a town developed greatly by the Russian Empire as a trading port and naval port. In recent years, it has been developed as a resort area, and there are so many things to see. The Russian invasion of 2022 has begun, and security has deteriorated, but it is also very famous as a tourist spot.

[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Kharkov

Kharkov is Ukraine's second largest city. Due to its location on the Russian border, it is also one of the cities that has suffered damage since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. With a population of about 1.45 million, it is also the second most populated mega-city after the capital, Kyiv. It is also known that it was the center city of Ukrainian industry and the third industrial city in the Soviet Union after Moscow and Leningrad. It is an economically developed city with many attractions.

[Travel to Europe] Ukraine: Kyiv

Ukraine has been invaded by Putin, the world's worst criminal, and has caused many casualties. However, Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is the largest city in Ukraine and the most attractive and beautiful city. Kyiv is one of the world's leading ballet schools, and has inherited the orthodox Russian classics. In addition, Ukraine is also a country where prices are very cheap, so it is also famous as a country where people who want to live a retired life emigrate.
Animal Attraction

[Animal Sightseeing Trip: Cat Island] Europe: Malta Cat Tourist Spot

Malta is Europe's largest cat tourist spot. Malta is a small island south of Sicily, Italy. It is said that there are about 700,000 cats on the island of Malta, and the island itself is like a cat cafe. However, it should be noted that cats are not everywhere in Malta. concentrated in a particular place.

European Endangered Animal : Cirl Buntings

The brown bunting is a small bird found throughout Europe. It is known to be found in large numbers in southern Europe and North Africa. On the other hand, however, there are areas where this bird is likely to become extinct.

[Europe Travel] Lithuania: Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It used to be the territory of the Soviet Union and Poland, so it is a city influenced by Poland. Many historic buildings remain in Europe's largest old town, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a historic center.