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[Animals of the world: South American camels] Llama Ecology and characteristics Endangered species? Difference from alpaca

The llama is a famous camel of the South American continent. The llama, also known as a camel without a hump, is a domesticated animal of the Andean people. The llama is valued and growing in population not only as a means of transportation, but also because of the significant contributions it makes to human society. It is now an important animal for the people of South America.

[Animals of the world: South American camels] Guanaco characteristics and ecology Endangered species? Differences from llamas

The guanaco is a camel that lives in South America. It lives mainly in highlands such as Argentina, and is an animal characterized by fluffy body hair, and the face seems to be very gentle. The guanaco is a very famous camel in South America and most people know it. Guanacos were used as cargo carriers during the time of the Inca Empire.

South American Extinct Animals Dogs: Appearance, History, Characteristics, Reasons for Extinction of the Techichi

The Techichi is an ancestor of the Chihuahua, which is said to have once lived in Central and South America. It is said that this dog was loved by local Indians, but it is said that it became extinct due to the invasion of Europeans. Techichi is now said to be extinct, unfortunately. At the time when it is said to have existed, there was no technology such as photography or video, so we can't see it now.

[South America Travel] Guyana: Georgetown

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. Guyana is a country located in the northeastern part of the South American continent, surrounded by Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname, and is the only country in South America where English is the official language. This is due to the fact that it was previously heavily influenced by the British. Georgetown has beautiful wooden cathedrals and lively markets.

Endangered species of South America : Jaguar cat

Jugger cats are small cats that live in Brazil, Venezuela, and northern Argentina in South America. It's a wild cat, not a domestic cat. This cat is known for its very beautiful fur, and overhunting by humans for this fur is a problem. The jugger cat is currently listed as an endangered species and is in danger of extinction.

Endangered South American Animal : Yellow-throated Parakeet

The yellow-throated parakeet is a member of parrots that live in South America. It lives in Bonaire, Venezuela, etc. in the Netherlands, and its habitat is limited, so it is a little-known parakeet. The yellow-fronted parakeet is a large bird, so care must be taken when raising it. The yellow-throated parakeet is known to be declining in population and is designated as a near-threatened species. They are likely to become extinct in the future.

Capybara, a popular South American animal: abilities and habits that everyone does not know

Capybara is one of the most popular animals in South America. The popular capybara is also popular as a healing animal in zoos. However, they actually live in the jungle and are animals that have lived in a harsh animal society. In Brazil and Argentina, where they live, how did they survive with so many carnivorous animals?

Endangered species of South America : Southern sea otter

The southern sea otter is a member of the otter family that lives only in South America. It is a carnivorous species classified in the otter genus of the weasel family. It inhabits rocky shores, and currently lives mainly in Peru and Chile. It used to live in Argentina and other places, but it has already been confirmed extinct, and this otter is in danger of extinction.

Endangered South American Species: Toucan

Toucan is a very unique bird that lives in South America. This bird is said to be a very beaked, colorful and very memorable bird. Many species live on trees and do not land on the ground. This toucan has a very large habitat, but its population is steadily decreasing.

Endangered South American Species: Tufted Capuchin

Tufted capuchin is a family of monkeys living in Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, etc. It is a member of the Cebidae monkey, and in the case of this monkey, it has a very solid physique. Tufted capuchin has many subspecies, some of which are critically endangered.