[Africa Travel] Uganda: Kampala Recommended Tourist Spots

Kampala is a popular tourist spot, so we will introduce some information about it. This is the capital of Uganda in Africa. With a population of 1.42 million people, it is also the largest city in Uganda. When you think of Africa, you have images of scorching heat, but Kampala is a highland city at an altitude of 1,200 meters, and the average annual temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius, so it's actually very comfortable. Partly due to this influence, the city is popular with tourists and has many tourist attractions. Uganda is also known as the green country, and is a city full of nature, with many tourist attractions related to nature.

Uganda Endangered Species : Rothschild giraffe

The Rothschild giraffe is an endangered animal that lives in Uganda. It is endangered among giraffes and has been designated as an IUCN. This giraffe is also known as the Nubian giraffe.